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Dog seems anxious when I return. Why????

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Hi guys!

I just wanted to ask this and see if anybody else has experienced something like it with their dogs. So I have a 4 month old puppy and she’s always so happy & social. I’ve been leaving to run errands and what not to teach her to be without me, which means she stays with my mom (for the most part she’s usually napping). Right before I leave she whines/barks a bit and so I distract her by giving her a kong which puts her straight to sleep. Usually this works just fine for her and when I return I’m greeted with lots of kisses and hugs :”) however, the past 3 days she’s been extremely reserved upon my return. She would stand by the door when she hears the garage open, and then she runs way from me once she sees me. When I try to approach her or call for her to come, she seems anxious and scared and tries to hide away. She has even peed a bit (which usually happens when she meets new people) when I come to show her that it’s just me. I’m not sure why she’s been doing this? My mom thinks she’s possibly feeling abandoned or not liking that I’ve left the house without her, but this is a new behaviour for her and it honestly makes me sad because I don’t want her to hate me
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Sometimes puppies go through a "fear period" where something that they're usually fine with suddenly becomes scary. It could be the sound of the garage door, the door opening, or anything, really. It's usually something stupid. It's possible she has hit one. In that case it's a phase and it will pass. In the mean time, I wouldn't force attention on her. Barely acknowledge her. Go about putting away your stuff as you would normally, and let her come to you for attention.
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