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Dog runs away at parks to interact with other dogs

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Hi There,

I have a 10 month old beardie Lab X called Leroy. He is a very friendly sweet dog, and 90% has fantastic recall and stay abilities. However there is one thing that I haven't quite mastered which is preventing him from running off to greet other dogs if we are at the park. As soon as he sees another dog he's gone, I don't exist and he runs off to meet a potential friend.

A bit of context first. I take him to an fairly large green space called the "Red Zone" we had a series of large earthquakes 10 years ago. this condemned whole suburbs. so the government cleared the houses and re lawned the area and it has become a mecca for dog owners and people who want to forage off the fruit trees that are still abundant there.
I take Leroy there for his daily walk and fetch games.

But as soon as he sees another dog, regardless of distance. Hes off at 1000mph to say hello.
I imagine I need to hone in more on his recall, But any advice on how to go about this?

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Hi Thanks for the info. I will definitely go long line shopping this evening to give this a crack.

If you find a good deal on one, please to post it or send me a PM.
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