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Dog runs away at parks to interact with other dogs

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Hi There,

I have a 10 month old beardie Lab X called Leroy. He is a very friendly sweet dog, and 90% has fantastic recall and stay abilities. However there is one thing that I haven't quite mastered which is preventing him from running off to greet other dogs if we are at the park. As soon as he sees another dog he's gone, I don't exist and he runs off to meet a potential friend.

A bit of context first. I take him to an fairly large green space called the "Red Zone" we had a series of large earthquakes 10 years ago. this condemned whole suburbs. so the government cleared the houses and re lawned the area and it has become a mecca for dog owners and people who want to forage off the fruit trees that are still abundant there.
I take Leroy there for his daily walk and fetch games.

But as soon as he sees another dog, regardless of distance. Hes off at 1000mph to say hello.
I imagine I need to hone in more on his recall, But any advice on how to go about this?

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I know if I was somewhere and your young dog ran up to me with no recall I would get between him and my dog and very likely kick him if he would not back down or, if I had it in hand, zap him with my Stock Prod. The result might be that he runs off instead of back to you and then good luck finding him or catching him. Trust me on this: I would not care.

I would then give you a far greater piece of my mind than you would like to have!

Allowing this in your dog is RUDE. Your dog is being rude and you are being rude by allowing it.

Get a collar (no harness.. harness offers no control AND your dog can slip it and still get in another dog's face) and a long piece of rope. You stay attached to that rope snd enforce the recall.

When your dog gets to you make it worth his while with high value treats, toy, game.. whatever you need to that makes your dog prefer your company to that of the other dog.

It will be a lot of work as you have allowed the dog to self reward several times.

Do NOT let your dog run up to other dogs, on leash OR off leash. It is not safe for your dog and, if you run into someone like me it may be a bit unsafe for you.
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I should have also suggested the line not be more than 15 feet long.

I stand by the collar recommend. The dog self correcting might actually help with the recall.. but that is another issue. I would do some various choices VERY different for this dog away from that park setting that would result in reliable recall, but that was not the question. One of my choices/solutions might not be well received.... or available.. in that country.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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