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So I brought my German Shepherd puppy home and the father dog (8 Years old) seems to have developed a sudden jealousy towards him. I'm the master and they are very loyal to me. But the father dog doesn't let the puppy have his meals in peace, doesn't let him drink water (!!!!), Doesn't let him to stay close to us, etc. He even waits it out near the doorstep when the puppy is inside and he kinda growls and pounces on the puppy when he comes out.

The father dog shows a sudden increase in his diet due to his jealousy and thus he eats more lol :wink: The puppy keeps playing around with the father dog, mildly biting and pouncing him which is (surprisingly) been tolerated by the father dog since he doesn't bite him back or anything. It all comes out when 'we', family members interact with the puppy individually.

We tried giving the father dog more attention but the behavior persists.
Any suggestions please?
Much appreciated :)
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