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The title sums it up, really. The dog in question is about 5.5-6 kilos, Havanese, 5 years old. He does occasionally reverse sneeze even when he isn't chewing a bone, when he is excited. He has eaten bones pretty much all his life without problems, however he has been on a one year(-ish) hiatus from raw and during this time he didn't get any bones and was eating only cooked food.

Recently, I switched him back over to raw and it seems he's forgotten how to chew bones? He's fine with "solid" bones like from a quail. He used to be an extremely careful chewer, however now he bites off chunks and swallows them (I have no problem with this as the bones are soft and he bites off reasonably sized pieces) however with "flappy" or soft bones like ribs or soft fresh lamb/rabbit ears, he will start to reverse sneeze badly and whine while attempting to chew them.
I tried a few times and either he would stop eating the offending bone etc. by himself (very unusual, he's obsessed with food) or I would take it away from him. Also, if I hold a bone for him, he will use all his strength to tug it away from me (which is also a new thing, he used to let me hold them for him) He used to be fine with these items, so I suppose the question is: Is this worth taking him to the vet for? His vet is supportive of raw, but I feel like it's a bit weird and idk if it's a problem with his jaw/throat/teeth that the vet can help with or just a behavioral issue. Does anyone have an idea as to how I can accustom him to RMB's again? He's a very heavy chewer and is unfortunately not interested in chew toys.
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