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Hi folks,

Some may have an interest in this. There's a beautiful 40-acre historic Calistoga winery owned (inherited by) a wonderful gentleman, Richard Graeser. He is a fan of rescue dogs and all of his winery dogs have been rescue. After a time he founded, Fo-Paws Foundation, and also developed a delightful dog label with fabulous wines named after his much beloved rescue pups, for instance, "Simba's Sinful Zinfandel" and he donates a portion of sales to animal rescue. If you're ever in Calistoga, be sure to visit this storybook winery it really takes you back to Old California. The owner's dedication to animal rescue is very appealing to. On his website he also offers a book on the lives of winery dogs, complete with lots of color photos.
They ship wine to most states. Great guy.
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