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Dog-related item around $100? Ideas please!

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It's my duty to spend $100 on an item to be raffled off at an upcoming agility trial. If you had $100 to spend on a dog-related item, what would you buy?

Food isn't a good option because everyone's dog eats different stuff, and some dogs have allergies. I'm also not looking to buy a lot of little stuff that all totals up to $100. I'd consider up to ~3 items that totaled $100, though.

Last time I did this, I bought chilly buddy coats in 3 different sizes. The coat is reflective and is supposed to keep dogs cool on a hot day. They were raffled off at a summer trial and were a big hit.

Ideas please!
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I really like the GoughNuts chew toys. They're kind of pricey and rather durable.
I would look at nice quality collapsable crates with a crate pad.

There are also really nice dog beds. You never have enough of those!

I have also seen high-quality throws that cover a sofa. They are shaped to protect it.

Screens that fit into patio doors with a magnetic seal so dogs can go through them without an owner.

There are also some special dirt attracting rugs that are intended for areas where dogs go in and out. There are too rich for my blood but I have always wanted one...

The last 3 items I think I saw for sale in "In the Company of Dogs."

Great hoodies for humans in there too.
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I would look at some of Nina Ottoson's Interactive Toys ... Maybe a Hurtta round leather leash (they are soft as a babies but, but strong enough for any large heavy breed) or maybe a Hurtta 'Back on track' blanket. (Back On Track which supposedly is very good for the dog.

I'd look at things that are quite expensive ... something most of us would want, but think is a tad too expensive to buy. I'd probably spend a fortune in tickets if any of those items were raffled out.
Yep I too would look into softside collapsible crates, agility people get a lot of use out of them.
I second the vote for Nona Ottosson's toys. I recently discovered her site and would love to get a few, but they're just too expensive right now.
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

Love the idea of the Nina Ottosson toys - I've always wanted one, but never wanted to spend that much for a toy. I found a place in the PNW that carries them, will donate proceeds to rescue, and will ship for free. Soft-sided crates are great, too, but that's sort of the go-to standard at my club's agility trial raffles. I, for one, get a little tired of seeing them in raffles (though that could be because Kit's too crazy to be able to use one).

Keep the ideas coming!
I would get a nina ottosson toy, maybe throw in another interactive toy that is more for meal time and an 'indestructible' toy, such as Tuffy's.

For someone like me, who has dogs who love stuffed toys but destroy them, Tuffy's would be great. Except that I can't afford $45 for a toy.
Maybe an x-pen? Though I don't know how useful that would be to the kind of crowd that will be participating in the raffle. Great for puppies I suppose, but I personally didn't have a use for one until I got the bunny.

Or how about one of those Champion dog seat belt/harnesses? I would really like to get one of those and I imagine it would be very useful for someone who drives their dog(s) to agility classes and such!
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