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Dog plays with me not girlfriend

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My girlfriend has an american eskimo, about 7 years old that was a rescue dog from a pound about 4 months ago. He will occasionally growl at her if she is giving to much what I call human love, kisses on the nose, hugs around his neck or when she picks him up to hold/hug him. He will dog play with me batting me with his paws, playful mouth, roll over etc. But he will not do it with her, any ideas why?

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I think any dog should have positive associations with being picked up simply because there will be times in his life that he will need to be picked up (i.e if he's injured, etc). in that sense, if you work hard at getting them accustomed to being picked up by giving treats, praise, toys, etc so that eventually the dog will be ok with it (not necessarily liike it but at least he won't want to bite you for it).

Hugging is a very dominant behaviour. Especially if you're looming over a dog, or wrapping your arms around their neck/body. My dog is very small, so instead of 'HUGGING' in a very dominant manner, I just pick her up like a baby and rest her against my chest. She enjoys this far more than me leaning over her and wrapping my arms around her entire body, which is very intimating and dominating to the dog. For kissing, I don't kiss her face. I will kiss maybe the lower part of her neck or even her body if I want to be selfish and show some affection to her. She is happy with this, but just not the face area.
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