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Dog plays with me not girlfriend

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My girlfriend has an american eskimo, about 7 years old that was a rescue dog from a pound about 4 months ago. He will occasionally growl at her if she is giving to much what I call human love, kisses on the nose, hugs around his neck or when she picks him up to hold/hug him. He will dog play with me batting me with his paws, playful mouth, roll over etc. But he will not do it with her, any ideas why?

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Dogs like their space just as we humans do. Some cuddle some don't. Your's evidently doesn't so your gf needs to do other things to interact with him. Does he play with tug toys. If not make a flirt pole and work with his inherent prey drive until you can hold the rope on the pole and have a game of tug. Build on this but always make it fun and rewarding.

Your gf also needs to become the dogs best friend. Hand feeding him his dinner is a good start. Having a bowl of high value treats at hand and rewarding him for doing things for her such as sit, drop, come, and so on.

Time, patience and consistency will bring good results.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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