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Dog Plays "Keep Away" With Objects

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I have a 15 week old chocolate lab. When I take her outside to play in our backyard she always finds some type of object (ex: old moldy fallen fruit, rocks she can choke on, etc) And once she has it in her mouth she doesn't let me get near her, she plays keep away with me, and won't listen to any commands. I don't chase her, I basically walk toward her as she darts back and forward trying to get away until I corner her or she gives up, but I know she hasn't learned anything.
I can't "do nothing" because I'm afraid she'll choke, and sometimes when I do do nothing she's perfectly happy to sit down and chew away and ignore me.
It's all so aggravating! I feel like a kid being teased by my older cousins again.:mad:

What is the best way to deal with this? I mean, what is there to do? This is my first dog so I'm lost and looking for help.
Thanks in advance,
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Trading for a treat is a great idea.

Also, while she's still a pup, you could keep her on a leash in the yard and work on the command "leave it."

You CAN sort of do nothing, too. Instead of walking towards her, turn and walk back into the house. I can almost guarantee that, as soon as you're out of sight, you'll become much more interesting than whatever she has in her mouth.
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