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I have just about had it. I have had dogs & cats & fish & rabbits & now chickens, & been around....actually. more than around, .. horses & cows...needless to say, I am very familiar with animals, very familiar with having pets in & outside the house. I am very familiar with training animals, correcting behavior, rewarding good behavior, etc.

But, I am at my wit's end with this rescue dog. We have had him for 15 months now and he is one really quiet dog. He hardly ever barks, never whines, nothing. He is trained to go outside to go to the bathroom but he continually pees in the house. He is not marking his territory. He is just peeing. He can be outside, eliminate himself, and within 5 minutes of being back in the house he'll pee. We have taken to watching him close and on occasion we have seen him at the door, just standing there..no noise, no scratching, nothing. We let him outside and he'll go pee or poop so we know he understands. But, if we do not notice that he will not wait, will not get our attention, nothing. This morning? He got our (thankfully) not yet decorated Christmas Tree, which has been up 1 full week now! He was right next to me as I was adjusting the wood in the wood stove, and I turned my head just in time to see him walk away from the tree with a puddle under it. Thankfully he does not hike his leg very often or very, preferring to squat, so he missed most of the tree.

He was neutered by a family member when we 1st got him 15 months ago when he was (guessing) about 9 months old...like I said, I have been around animals a lot, and training, which happens when family members are veterinarians and AKC Obedience trainers. We have been limiting his movement around the house, along with our 14 month old female spayed dog, the past few months and it has helped tremendously with peeing in the house. But, like this morning, a 10 second stray is all it took. I had the stove shovel in my hand, opened the door, poked inside, and turned to see him finishing. Another successful technique is the very frequent, every 10 - 15 minutes, of letting them outside, although this is a pain and I wonder if teaching them that has the effect of teaching them they do not need to hold it.

I do not like the idea of leashing him in the house as it took us over 1 year to get him used to the idea of going to the bathroom while on a leash when out walking him. We have no clue what his treatment was his 1st 8 - 9 months but it had to be bad. So, while leashing him is an option it is not our 1st choice. I will next try putting a bell by the door to teach him to use it but I am unsure if that is a viable solution.

He has been to the vet numerous times in the past 3 months (we swear he is a cat, and used #2 of 9 lives in late summer..#1 was how he became a rescue) and no medical issues exist.

I think making a belly band is a good next step also.

I would like to know if any of you have SUCCESS stories on how you stopped a dog from peeing in the house..Again, no medical issues, no changes, etc...I am looking for SUCCESS stories. Thanks.
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