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Hey guys, I’ve had my corgi for 6 years, he’s a really well behaved dog. We’ve only ever had to punish him once when he ran in the road. We didn’t have to housebreak him, he always just wanted to pee outside. But lately when we go to pet him he flinches and once in a while when we call him he pees himself a little as if he’s very scared. I’ve researched that we maybe need to try build up his confidence a little by not comforting him when he gets a fright, and not making it a big deal when he pees a little. We don’t punish him for it because it’s obviously a mistake, but ignoring him just seems a little cruel. I don’t believe anyone has hurt him in the past 6 months ( when the behavior began). Does anyone have any advice to help him. He’s usually such a confident bold dog, so it’s really awful to see him feeling frightened of us.
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