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dog peeing when in trouble

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My dog is about 8ish months old now. Before I even say bad dog or NO or ANYTHING, she starts peeing on the ground & cowarding to the ground. I've never hit her. You can tell she knows when she does something bad (like tear up a pillow/blanket/couch pillow/etc). I can just look at her as soon as I get home, and bam she pees if she did something wrong, only if she tore something up.

I don't know what to do. Any ideas on how I would go about trying to get her to stop peeing? My vet has said it might possibly be signs of 'separation anxiety'. ..?

We do crate her 90% of the time when we are gone, but if it's for a short amount of time, we'll let her out for a hour or so alone. Most of the time she's a good dog, but it's just those few select times that she'll act out.

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Your dog doesn't know she's done something bad. Dogs have no concept in the value of our materialistic things. She just knows you're upset, and no, you don't have to say a word for her to understand this. Your body language will give up all the signals she'll need to understand punishment is coming.

How do you curb this? Puppy proof your home. Employ the crate. Don't leave your dog unless you've drained her energy off with a walk. Give her something to do, like chewing on a frozen stuffed Kong. Build up her confidence - take up agility, teach her new tricks.

And, if she's done something wrong, do not acknowledge it at all. That means no punishment for owner-absent behavior.
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