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Our small town now has a "dog park". It is on the fairgrounds where the arena we do Agility and Obedience practice is. I went in a little early on Tuesday so took a drive out the back to see what the "dog park" looked like. It is quite small, suppose to be an acre but looks smaller than that. There was nobody there so I decided to let Bonnie and Gypsy have a run. Just as I got in the gate, some people with a small child came through another gate. My dogs have not been around kids at all and he was one of those "doggy, doggy" kids and started to run over to where I was standing just inside the gate with my two dogs. I told the mother than my dogs were not used to kids and she did take the hint and went back out.
They have not posted any signs yet so she would not have known that it was not a good idea to come in with strange dogs loose.

Let my two have a good run but then when I went out to the Van, found I had lost my keys somewhere in the park. Luckily that had cut the grass but still took me over an hour before I found them where they had fallen out of my pocket.

I don't intend to use the dog park if there are other dogs in there, especially with Bonnie seeming to be the dog other dogs always pick on.
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