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Dog Pack "Dynamics"

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ok, it's been a wk since Lacey has gone....and in this wk i have noticed a change in the bonds/connections/dynamics of the other 3.....for the past couple mo of Lacey's pains Saoirse had been, shall i say, quite the "#itch" toward her....she was snapping in her face when we'd go out the door (or at least trying to), peeing over the top of where Lace would pee (not any other dogs), and just being a generally bully toward Lacey....the poor ol' girl could barely move w/out Saoirse being a pain for her (granted, she didn't get away w/ it, as i'd get after her)....well, now she has taken to "trying" the same crap w/ Tir (not as bad, but it's there).....she and Titch used to play all the time, w/ Tir and Titch only sometimes playing (but Saoirse would interfere and they'd quit)....now, Tir and Titch play a lot more and if Saoirse tries to stop them they will sit down and "ignore" her till she goes away and then start again....Titch will still play w/ her, but not as much as he did and Tir has this take her or leave her attitude toward her, mostly.....Titch and Tir will, a lot of times, be found laying close by each other, where it used to be Saoirse and Titch....

it's kinda sad sometimes, cuz i'll look at Saoirse and see sadness in her eyes when the other 2 are playing/laying together....but i think what has happened is they were closer to Lacey than she was and have just drawn closer and sought comfort from each other (as well as from/for me) and Saoirse just seems to be the "odd dog out" in this part of the transition....

i try to give her the same amount of attention (her training/play/affection has not changed from my part) but i see it from the other 2.....

has anyone ever experienced anything similar w/ their dogs?
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Not the same thing really, but it got me to thinking about when my ol' Basset Hound, Dan, was alive, Eddie used to bug the crap out of him. There were a few occasions that Eddie would "attempt" to full out attack Dan. Of course, I was right there to stop it...but Eddie wouldn't let Dan eat or anything. Eddie couldn't even be in the HOUSE when Dan was eating. We had to tether Eddie outside because even hearing Dan eat, Eddie would fly off the handle. I did my best to just keep the two separate. When I added Uallis to the household, Eddie changed toward Dan a bit. If Uallis would get close to Dan, Eddie would body block Uallis from getting close to him. It was almost like Eddie was trying to "protect" Dan from Uallis, although Uallis was NEVER aggressive in the least toward Dan (Uallis was just a little puppy at that time). It was evident that Eddie didn't want Uallis near Dan at all and Eddie started respecting Dan's space a little more. But Eddie did make it clear to Uallis that Dan was "off limits" so Dan and Uallis really had no interaction with each other. I don't even think that I have a picture of Dan and Uallis together because Eddie would correct Uallis for showing Dan any interest. When Dan passed, it hit Eddie hard. Dan passed at home and I remember Eddie barking at Dan's body. He was VERY upset and stressed. He was a little depressed for about a week or so and would even walk over to Dan's grave like he wanted to make sure it was ok. It was really heartbreaking for me to see Eddie grieving because I know he was. :(
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