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Dog Orneriness

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My puppy (5 months old) has taken to running from me when she's doing something wrong.

Two examples: when outside, she'll get something she's not supposed to. I call her over or try to approach her and she runs like it's a game making sure to stay as far from me as possible.

When inside, she'll get hyper and run around. I'll try to get her to calm down, but unless I have visible food in my hand, she ignores me.

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My thought is, find a reputable motivation based trainer to help you with your dog. ccpdt.org is a good place to get started.

I can tell you that dogs are very sensitive to body language and dogs love playing keep away if there is any movement towards them. I can say that if your dog is constantly getting things she isn't supposed to and playing keep away, she should not be off leash. I can say that if she only does things when you have food visible in your hand, your training and relationship is based on bribery. And I am a reward based trainer who thinks training with food is crucial.

No disrespect meant, and I commend you for working so hard with your puppy! I just think every single thing you've posted on this forum falls into the category of 'normal active puppy and owner needing help with training basics.' Having a good trainer to help you, in real life, will do so much to help you not feel overwhelmed and get you on a good track!
Because she does think it's a game. Keep away is fun! If she's in your yard while she's getting into bad stuff, perhaps remove anything she can't have from your yard. Put appropriate toys out there instead. You can play keep away with her toys. I taught my dog a "drop" cue, and if he didn't drop his toy the game would end and I would walk away. If he dropped it, I would play, give a little treat, and reward with some tug or perhaps throw the toy for him. I also taught him to "bring" the toy, and if he didn't do that the game would end, too.

If you can't remove the inappropriate items, then she needs to be on a leash until she is trained to leave that stuff alone.

For the "hyper and running around", that may be a zoomie. Best to ignore it, or open the door and let her race around in the yard (if you have a fenced yard). I always opened the door and chased my dog around outside, but it's up to you what you want to do.
With some dogs, you can call their name and run the Opposite direction, when they want to play keep away ... and they will chase you. With fewer dogs (mostly biddable or velcro-types), if you know the dog is going to play keep away, the you can try to look directly at the dog, say "oops!" and then walk inside to end the game and all interaction. Clearly, you can only do this if it is safe to leave the dog alone in a fenced area. And, if the dog runs to the door, then you can go back out after about 15 seconds, maybe praising, treating, and resuming play. Not all dogs will understand this method. But, withdrawing attention is a very effective training method with dogs can pick up on the cause and effect.
Leave a long line on her. I used a 15 foot flat nylon lead. Dog won't come? Step on the line, reel the dog in, trade a piece of good food for the prize you want him to drop. Always trade...

Keep Away is a game and all dogs play it. Have food on you all the time. Always have it there as a reward. At 5 months old, your dog is a puppy. Food will get you what you want. Use it. Puppies are pretty simple that way.
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