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Ok, I've gotten my dog Ebony fixed, but now there's a new problem. She started excreting a vaginal yellow liquid so I took her back to the vet & she was given a full week worth of antibiotics. It's been 4 days since the antibiotics have been all taken & she's still secreting a liquid, though this time it is either white or clear...sometimes it has a light yellow tint to it...however, it is also odorless, unlike the other time which clearly smelled like pus. I've called the vet & she will be getting back to me sometime today or tomorrow. Ebony's been acting happy, healthy, & very active. She also eats & drinks normally too. Could this be another UTI, like it was the first time, or something else? All my friends seem to think it's normal, but I just don't feel like it's right...At any rate, better to be safe then sorry.
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