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Okay so I have an 8 month old pugalier puppy called Kiara. She has recently decided that she is no longer interested in responding to the 'come' command. However - it is not that she doesn't understand the command, she seems to just openly disobey it for fun. When we let her outside to go to the toilet or just to run around, she will only come back in when it suits her - which is slowly reducing. This wouldn't be a problem, and we would be more than happy to leave her outside, however; she will often bark loudly and continuously and we don't want to disturb or annoy the neighbours. And so this is where we try to get her to come inside.

We go outside and call her name and tell her to 'come', and she seems to assosciate this with a game and will sit there and let us get to about a metre away from her before she bolts away and turns to face us again ready for the next advance. We have tried everything to get her to come back in - including coaxing her with treats, toys and a joyful tone and attitue. None of it seems to work though.

I have read posts of people with similar problems and some people say that you need to get her to chase you. We've tried this multiple times, and she will chase/follow us right until she gets to the door and then she stops dead in her tracks as if she hits a wall. She is a smart dog, and not even the idea of a treat can entice her inside.

When she is inside however, she will come whenever she's called and we always reward her with treats for good behaviour. She can sit, stay, 'shake' and come on command when she's inside - but as soon as she is outside it's like she is another dog and is possessed.

It is also becomming a big problem because a few times she has gotten out the front of our house onto the street - and she isn't road smart at all. She refuses to come back when she gets out and has nearly been hit by 2 cars. We have only caught her these times by pure luck and simply because she seems to get bored with the little game she plays.

It has gotten so bad recently that my parents want to put her down or take her to the pound. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do now because she's my dog, but she's just super disobedient. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and sorry for the long post!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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