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I have a male boxer / mastife mix we believe. He kind of has boxer look but is usually over 120lbs. He is 6 years old and normally just eats when he wants. We can leave food out and he would not gorge himself. About a month ago he seemed to stop going to his bowl. I would never see him eat. We did not notice right away, we have 2 other dogs so the food still went down. We really started to notice him thinning. He is down to 104lbs now. It don't sound like a lot but he is very hallow looking now. I got him into the vet late last week. They checked him out and noted his lymph nodes seems a little swollen. They wanted to blood work as well so she took him back in the back took with her to do this. This seemed odd to me because people at that office have taken blood and given shots to my animals before. I take him home and wait to hear on the lab work. I get a call about an hour later and she starts her diagnosis. She says he has a slightly high white blood cell count. So there is a chance it could be an infection. With his age though she was more inclined to think it was lymphoma. She recommended treating as infection to see if it improves and then if it doesn't that should pretty much tell us it is the cancer. I agree. She says you will need to bring him back for and injection and then I have some antibiotics for him. I say I will be right there. I get back and am waiting at the front desk. I hear the vet tell the clerk that she is done with my dog and to give me the meds and charge over $300 but send me on my way.

First does any of this sound really screwy to you? This is a very large dog that is in a weakened state. It is quite difficult to get him in and out of a car. Why would she tell me to bring him back if she had already taken care of the injection? Why would she have given him an injection before completing the diagnostic tests to determine it as necessary? This would mean she basically gave him the shot before I even approved the plan to treat.

Sorry I had to start with the experience that leads me here. I do have a real question. Like I said he is usually a good eater. I have tried multiple different types of food, even some of the real expensive stuff like Blue Buffalo since this has started. He won't go for it. We will quite often give our dogs our dinner leftovers. They definitely like the treat. This dog that appears to be starving himself goes crazy for the leftovers. Now of course they taste better but I have never seen a dog starve himself because its not the best tasting food. He is 6 years old and now out of nowhere he thinks he only can eat people food and is willing to go on a hunger strike to prove it. Something is not right here. If it were an infection or cancer wouldn't that take your appetite away period? Any thoughts?
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