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Hello there and thank you for looking at my forum, I'm very worried/upset that my little guy has almost stopped eating and maybe someone can shine some light on why this is going on.

Straight to the point I will be! My wife and I are having a baby in November and the babies play room will be our dogs old Bedroom/Playroom. So over the past month/month and half we have moved his bed out of his room and into ours. He also has free roam of the house which never before he had during the night. During the day while we are at work he is still in his playroom, I plan on letting him roam the half of the house while we are work next month then the following month the whole house.

To add to the matter I had to take him to the vet last Friday because he was chewing up his back legs. The vet said it is normal allergies non food related. She gave us "Doggy Benadryl" and said put neosporum on the scabs/areas of redness. To have him stop biting/licking his back paws I threw him in the dreaded cone of shame... Now I know any dog doesn't like it but it has to be done so his paws can heal.

My question is what is wrong with him why wont he eat he wants to play all the time and I take him for a good 1.5 mile walk everyday then every other day the 1.5 mile walk plus a 1.5 bike ride. He seems to be more concerned of what I'm doing and doesn't want to eat. On the weekends when I feed him in the morning he will look at the food and come sit by me... I have to go over to the food and stand and keep telling him to eat even play/show that his food is there and it's ok.

I feed him Blue Buffalo Freedom Chicken he used to suck it down like a Hoover Vac but really ever since my wife got pregnant kinda stopped eating fast and doesn't really care to eat.

Thank you ahead of time for your ideas/questions!!
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