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Dog needs to learn to chill

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we have a 3 year old staff terrier "alli" and a 4 year old chihuahua "chevy". Alli is a very energetic dog which i understand is part of her breed. The issue is that we are having is that she is stubborn, (again another characteristic of her breed) Even to get her to lay on her bed is a huge issue when the family is trying to relax and watch TV. We have to constantly return her to her bed and repeat the stay command. In one ear and out the other. It gets to the point that she gets bannished from the room and has to sit upstairs alone. Chevy listens and stays when we give him the command. If alli is laying on her bed, you move, breathe, look at her, or pay attention to chevy its game over and she is in your face. I dont believe in yelling at pets. But its getting frusterating to the point that i find my self raising my voice and getting angry at her. Does anyone have a bully breed thats as stubborn as ours? What did you do to overcome or focus their energy in another way? (alli cant have treats or bones due to severe allergies)
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I have a small high energy breed as well, and she gets 1 hour walk in the morning before I go to work, and then at least 30 minutes walk before dinner time. If she is sufficiently exercised, then she also needs to get mental stimulation as well, to prevent boredom. This means teaching her tricks, obedience commands, and also puzzle games. Even teaching her to put away toys, or to know each toy by name can be fun and challenging for her.

When she's being rowdy in the house, and 'gets in your face', make sure you turn your head away and refuse to give her attention, sort of like a 'diva queen' might. She needs to learn that the only way she will get attention from you is when she is lying down or sitting calmly. When she is doing those two things, reward her by dropping treats to her when she's in that position.
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