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Dog needs to learn to chill

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we have a 3 year old staff terrier "alli" and a 4 year old chihuahua "chevy". Alli is a very energetic dog which i understand is part of her breed. The issue is that we are having is that she is stubborn, (again another characteristic of her breed) Even to get her to lay on her bed is a huge issue when the family is trying to relax and watch TV. We have to constantly return her to her bed and repeat the stay command. In one ear and out the other. It gets to the point that she gets bannished from the room and has to sit upstairs alone. Chevy listens and stays when we give him the command. If alli is laying on her bed, you move, breathe, look at her, or pay attention to chevy its game over and she is in your face. I dont believe in yelling at pets. But its getting frusterating to the point that i find my self raising my voice and getting angry at her. Does anyone have a bully breed thats as stubborn as ours? What did you do to overcome or focus their energy in another way? (alli cant have treats or bones due to severe allergies)
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what is she doing when she is not staying? is she boucing all over like a ball? or is she just walking around or otherwise just making her rounds being a busy body? I have a dog like this, believe ti or not the way i taught her was to tether her to the spot (her bed is by my bed so i looped a leash around the bed tied her to it when she didnt need to be crated anymore) now the only time i tether her is when i have to leave the house, i dont if i am there & soon i think i wont even have to do that. WARNING tho, my dog is accostomed to being tethered (we conditioned it very gradually from the time she was a small pup... always supervised of course) so she does NOT freak out when she is tethered.

But if Josefina is in a new place or outside she is very figitity, she can NOT sit still for anything, sher always has to be walking around or whatever... nervous energy i guess, no matter how much i tell her to down/stay she always ends up breaking it LOL.

its IMO unfair to ask any dog to stay in one plaace for any length of time, esp when the other dog is with the family getting attention, no dog will stay away from their family, you could try this; what about moving her bed right next to the couch so you can reach down & pat her if she is being good, when she gets up, ignore her & when she goes back to her bed (put something like her fave toy or a nice bully stick chewie so she is more apt to return to that spot, then pat her when she is in her bed.
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