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Dog Museum

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I discovered this:http://www.museumofthedog.org/index.html while looking for attractions in Saint Louis. Apparently the AKC Museum of the Dog, is right here in Saint Louis.

Has anyone else been there? We're going on Tuesday or Wednesday and I'll take photos if I can (some attractions in Saint Louis have a no photography policy) if the admins will let me embed a slideshow. It looks fascinating.
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Oh and its dog friendly! So I can take Auriel!
That sounds really cool! I lived in Missouri for most of my life yet this is the first time I've heard of it.
Re: Dog Museum (PHOTOS)

A few photos from the dog museum. It was basically several galleries of dog art, paintings and statues, they had a gallery devoted war dogs, another to sled dogs, and a 3rd to police dogs.

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I've always wanted to go but I don't know when I'll ever find myself that far south
I've lived here all my life, learned a couple of weeks ago it was here. It was dog friendly as in you were encouraged to bring your dog, but they didn't really have anything for the dogs to do.
That sounds and looks pretty neat. It looks like you had a nice time.
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