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Hi! Im Ulysses, and I am looking for some advice given a specific situation of mine. I might post this in other threads too, but I am basically looking for any advice regarding bringing home a yellow lab female puppy to my 3 year old english bulldog male and 1 year old female cat. I have always wanted a dog to run and swim with (my sweet boy cannot do either of those :) ) and I have been looking at rescue labs around my area. However, one day through one of those sites I became linked to other sites, one of which had adorable, AKC registered lab puppies. One thing led to another, and I put down half my payment on an adorable sweet female, and will pay the rest when I pick her up in two weeks (after the litter gets their first vet check, vaccinations, etc).

I have a few concerns!
1. Will this make my bulldog sad? Half the reason I am getting another dog is so he has a dog friend to play with.
2. Will this change my relationship with my cat? She was a rescue from a farm, and we have been building excellent trust over the last 9 months. I would hate to ruin that!
3. Will my bulldog hurt the lab?
4. Will the lab hurt my cat when it is grown up?
5. Will this discourage the progress my Bulldog has made in learning fetch? We have been training for the last month, and I feel like this has strengthened our friendship. He can now carry a tennis ball halfway back (he is kind of slow in the head but a very good boy). I figured when the Lab is grown, she will either help teach him how to fetch, or she might be arrogant about being so much better at it then him.

OK those are all my concerns as of now! If anyone has any advice on these breed specific questions, I would love to hear your answers! Thanks!
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