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Dog leaves very small fecal behind.

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Hello I have a three year old beagle/hound mix. He is in good health runs all around after the tennis ball outside, energy seems fine. I have recently heard his joints clicking everytime the poor guy walks. Isnt he too young to be experiencing arthritis? He has also recently been leaving behind a small turd in the house, hes very well potty trained, and for some reason he does this like every 4 or 5 days it seems. Is he having anal issues as well. His stool outside has been fine. I have also just had his glands expelled so he is not scooting. Any help would be great!! Thanks so much!!
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I'd take him to the vet just on the joints, and then ask about the bowel issues. Yes, 3 is too young for age-related arthritis, but genetics . . . well, I got osteoarthritis at 27. I'm 36 and have worse joints than my coworkers in their 60s. I'd get him checked out.
Also make sure you are feeding a high quality food? What brand do you currently use?
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