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Dog keeps on barking :(

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Before I've tied my puppy to potty train him, it was successful. He potties outside. We unleashed him because it was her reward. After some weeks she was able to go up and down the stairs she started pooping everywhere and when we take her outside she doesn't potty but once she gets inside she starts urinating or whatever. We tried tying her again to train her again to potty outside but she doesn't stop barking!! It's really annoying especially in the morning. She doesn't stop. I have to get up and say "no" to her for her to calm down. When I get out of her sight she barks continuously. :( Barking gets more furious when we eat.. even after we give her food she barks after she finishes her food. Help please?
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So, just I get it straight...you tied your puppy up outside to potty train her? Did you leave her out by herself? If so, how did you know when to give the "reward" of untying her?

This is NOT a good way to potty train, in my opinion. Puppies, and dogs, are very social, and love to be with their people. If you tie the puppy up and leave him in the yard, you aren't really TEACHING her anything. Most people here (well, probably ALL) would recommend you go out with the puppy, on a leash, lead him where you'd like her to go, and say the same potty words each time, like "go potty!". Then, the instant she STARTS to pee/poop you say "good potty!" in a super excited way so she is very clear about what you are praising if for. Then, give the treat. The timing of the praise and reward is super important.

In your plan, walking over to her and untying him is going to at least take some time, and then the connection is lost.

As for her pooping and peeing everywhere once she learned to climb the stairs: a young puppy shouldn't really have any unsupervised time in the home. She should be in your direct sight or confined in a crate or pen when you CAN'T watch her. The thing about supervising her is, a young puppy doesn't have complete physical control of their bladder, that's just a physical thing, so sometimes, they may THINK they can hold it longer than they can, and sometimes it just sneaks up on them. If you are supervising, you will see her start to sniff, or turn in circles, and you can rush her out. The act of rushing her out is, in fact, part of training her, as you are interrupting the inside accident, and redirecting her outside to where she should go. It's like you're saying "oops! not there, let's do it outside."

So, you thought you had her potty trained by your system, but, if the puppy is peeing and pooping inside, clearly, she doesn't understand that outside is the only place she is supposed to go. So, start supervising her inside. If you don't want her upstairs then use a baby gate to block of the stairs, so that she can't go up there without a person. And, keep her in your direct sight. That's difficult to do. It's easy at first, you watch the puppy, but after a couple minutes, your attention drifts, and pretty soon you aren't paying attention, and the puppy sneaks off to pee/poop. I usually say, it's like parents of a baby learning to crawl: when the baby is on the move, you kind of follow after him/her to make sure they are ok. Do the same with the puppy: if she is awake and on the move, follow after her to make sure she's not finding a spot to potty.

Do you take her out on a schedule? With you? The tying out and leaving her isn't "teaching" her anything. If you aren't there with her, you aren't potty training her. And, she clearly doesn't understand what she's outside for, that's why she's barking. She's saying "hey, come get me" because she doesn't understand why you left her out.
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Oh sorry about that, I meant I tied her inside the house, she still gets to play with us. But when we're busy she just keeps on barking. :(
Ok, that makes more sense. So, do you use the leash to tie her to something stationary in the house, so she is contained?
In this case, do you give her anything to keep her occupied while she's "tied up", like a frozen, stuffed kong? How long does she generally stay tied up?
Sorry for the late reply. Yes we confine her to a small space with her leash inside the house since we don't have a cage or a crate. And we do give her chewbone to play with.
You might try a frozen, stuffed kong, instead of a "chewbone". You can stuff a kong with just about anything, we use peanut butter. But, you can use cottage cheese, yogurt, or bits of cheese, or dry or moist treats, or kibble, or any combination of these things. Sometimes we do kibble and peanut butter, in layers. Then, if you freeze it, it makes it harder for the dog to lick out the good stuff from inside the kong, and keeps them interested longer than a standard chewbone.
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