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First, give him a bath. Sometimes pollen and allergens can cling to the fur and still cause reactions.

There are other things that dogs can be allergic to, such as dust mites. They live in everyone's house, no matter how clean. Wash your dog's bedding, vacuum, get allergy filters for your furnace/A/C. It's all you can do in that case.

Has your vet recommended anything like Benadryl? My dog has seasonal allergies, and I suspect allergies to dust mites since he gets occasional itchy spells even in winter, and Benadryl morning and night takes care of it typically. I get it for $13 at Costco, too, so cheap. Few side effects, and dogs seem to have less issues with becoming drowsy on that stuff than people.

If its a food allergy, all you can do is get a test and see if it comes out with anything concrete, or do trial and error.

If its seasonal allergies, medication is really the only option unless you put your dog in a bubble. According to my vet, allergies tend to get worse as the dog ages, too, so I imagine I will have to move up to something stronger than Benadryl at some point. There are multiple medications that can be used, and most have some sort of side effects. You have to decide if you want to risk what MIGHT happen from long term use of allergy medication, or if you want to let your dog be miserable and itchy in the present.
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