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Just a few thoughts to discuss with your vet...

Did they do a skin scrape test to see if there were mites? If not, ask for it to be done. Mange, whether it is sarcoptic or demodectic, can cause itchiness that leads to secondary bacterial and/or yeast infections from the dog scratching and chewing on themselves. The funky smell could mean a secondary infection.

Another cause for the irritation and itching could be allergies. True food allergies in dogs are uncommon, but can occur. More likely causes of allergies are environmental, like pollen and mold spores. However, given the timing, it's possible that there is something in the new food that doesn't agree with her. I'd switch her back to her usual food and see if that makes any difference.

If steroids and/or antibiotics alone aren't helping, maybe discuss the pros and cons of using drugs like Apoquel or Cytopoint to get the itchiness under control.

It sounds like she has either a recessed vulva or a hooded vulva (different things, but both can cause problems). Has she been spayed? If not, then going through a couple of heat cycles sometimes helps (in extreme cases, surgery might be necessary). I'll bet she's miserable, though, between whatever is causing the skin problem and the irritation from the area around her vulva being wet with urine.

Good luck with getting it figured out and making her feel better.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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