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Sandy is a 4 year old intact puggle, was with her previous family since she was a puppy and has been with us for a month. She didn't have much training before us and has made leaps and bounds with on-leash, leave-it, separation anxiety, etc....

She also quickly picked up that we wouldn't allow barking at neighbours walking by our apartment. :whoo:

For the last 2 days, she has been picking random people in random places and begins (staying in place) to bark and howl. She did it to me tonight when I joined her and Dad at the dog park. It was already dark so she couldn't see me but she started advancing and barking until she got within 10 feet, then got happy to see me. I just kept going towards/ignoring her so she wouldn't think it was working to scare me away. Frankly, because I couldn't think of a better option.

She's in no way dangerous, as I've seen her take "abuse" from small kids at the park and does nothing other than walk away.

*She will be spayed in the next month*
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