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Dog is moving stuff around crate?

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I found this amusing and I couldn't stop laughing at how 'cute' and how 'weird' this is.

Basically, my dog is in her crate, the crate was locked at the time. I had just put my food bowl inside the crate and then while I'm cooking, I hear a loud noise. I move back to the crate and I see my dog tipping the food bowl over and then moving stuff around the crate. Like she is moving my old t-shirt to the front of the crate and pushing her bed back a little and then she puts my t-shirt onto her food bowl to 'hide it' or something. She then moves her toys around too. It's very weird but amusing. I also noticed yesterday she didn't like having the food bowl at the front of the crate and she use her nose to push it back and then proceeded to put the bed on top of the bowl to 'hide it.'

Anyone know what's going on? It's very weird but interesting.
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sounds like eather she is nesting, and trying to make things more confortable, or, she could be making the best of a boring situation.
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