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My dog Lucky is ~9 years old. She's a Dalmatian / Border Collie mutt. :)

She is an outside dog, we bring her in daily just to hang out but she sleeps outside at night time.

The day before yesterday I've noticed she's started to limp, and I've narrowed it down to her front right leg or paw. She's a bit overweight but is still energetic and happy as always.

I've laid her down and I've checked her leg from paw [including running my finger between her paw pads, checking for thorns, etc.] to her shoulder blade, applying pressure about every 2 inches. I've [gently] squeezed her leg, just to check if she pulls away because it hurts, but nothing!

She is still energetic, and still is able to stretch, very comfortably I might add lol.

So I am not sure what is wrong.

However a few days before that she did have a slight fall, she was jumping around playing and did not see a trash can lid on the ground and slipped on it and took a bit of a fall. She got up right away however and continued rough-housing.

So I am thinking, it could maybe be just arthritis, or she might of strained a muscle during the fall and trying to get up immediately.

Any ideas as what could be wrong? Thanks for reading.

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You are looking for an Internet diagnosis and that's just not possible. Also, very few of us here are medically trained.

You need to take your dog to someone who is trained and can actually examine the dog. Someone like a vet.
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