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It sounds like she is being hyper active not aggressive. Meaning that she got over excited at greeting your friend and then didn't know how to calm down afterwards.

I've always taught my friends to announce themselves to my dogs and to say goodbye. It tends to help the dogs adjust to the person and settle down easier.

I disagree that dogs should never greet or be greeted by people. Every dog is different and some dogs really like people and want to meet them. Knowing your dog's preferences rather than just following some absolute is the best way to handle them. Giving a friendly dog the opportunity to visit with friends will do more good than keeping the dog in solitary confinement.

For the excitement, I tend to give my Tornado-dog the opportunity to express his happiness before I curttail it. He gets his release and then I tell him enough and he settles. And, again, friends tell him goodbye so he understands that they are leaving. The more they visit, the more he understands "goodbye doesn't mean forever" and that they will come back to see HIM.
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