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A little background here: Gypsy is my only dog and also the only dog I've ever owned. She's a 2.5 year old border collie/Aussie mix. GREAT with people and largely uninterested in, though sometimes playful with, other dogs.

We had a couple of interactions with other dogs (my boyfriend's, at his house) recently that I wanted to share with you guys to see if they're of any concern, since I don't have much personal experience with dogxdog interactions.

The two other dogs are terriers, a female jack russel and a male rat terrier, both 10+ years old. We introduced them in my boyfriend's yard, prior to bringing them inside the house. Initially, both of his dogs were growling and barking. The rat terrier tried to nip Gypsy quite a few times but was pulled away. All dogs were rewarded for calm and appropriate behavior with treats.

1. Gypsy, during the introduction, was intially excited (tail wagging, eager), but upon seeing their aggression, I think, she layed down and "shut down." She sniffed a little, but mostly kept laying. If they approached her, she tensed and sometimes growled. Some of the growling was warranted; some was a result of seemingly innocent sniffing. She did not snap or start anything. This growling is all normal and expected in her situation, right?

2. Later, I was tossing the tennis ball in the yard. The female JRT got to it first, and Gypsy was PISSED. There was a rather vicious seeming scuffle, started by Gyps, with biting and snarling, but neither dog was hurt. It ended with Gypsy standing over the JRT and me grabbing her by the back legs to pull her away. Frankly, I'm not sure I did anything useful. By the time I got there, it was over. I put the ball away. As a very high value item for Gyps, I should have known it would cause issues between the dogs. Question: is this ball guarding something I can control, or simply avoid?
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