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My dog (Westie, 6 years old) went to the vets Thursday for her yearly vaccination (Nobivac) and she was fine but after she was very sleepy which I thought was probably down to the stress, but that night she went to jump on my bed as she has for years and yelped out and started pacing and holding her back leg up, I made a bed for her on the floor as I thought that would be safer, she seemed to get a little better but later the next day she started trembling, panting and not eating or drinking.
She had been sick, I phoned up the vets in panic and they said bring her up straight away, as soon as she got out the front door she started walking on her foot no trouble and the shaking stopped, she seemed normal again, and in the vets there were no signs of any problems so we went home without any answers,she had no temperature and no yelping when vet touched her.
She seemed better and went for a small walk with no limping and was full of life but last night she weed herself while sleeping (never happened before) and she was hiding away under the stairs after and wouldn't come out and her eyes were wide and reflective, seemed confused and staring in to space scared or something, she began trembling again and seems quiet, she normally barks too much at everything. I'm guessing its a sign she may be in pain but if the vet can't find anything not sure what to do and as she is walking normally again, I don't think its the foot, perhaps its a reaction to nobivac but it has been 3 days+
I heard people give aspirin or Tramadol which I have here but I don't want to risk any reactions, at the moment she is sat on the sofa staring but the shaking has stopped, has anyone else had a similar issue??
Sorry this is so long just wanted to get all the points across

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