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Hello everyone,

I have a 3 year old Siberian husky. Last night she was outside laying in the dirt and from inside we heard several whimpers/yelps. We do not know what happened. She walks and trots fine. While getting her in to the car last night to the vet she was only able to get up half way with 2 front paws and then yelped again. So I lifted her up in the car instead. We suspected it was a thorn, bee sting, or some time of muscle injury.

The vet could not figure out what is hurting her. She tested her all around and said nothing triggered pain, and said her heart/lungs and everything is fine. She didn't find any burrs or anything stuck in her paws. With her coat its impossible to see any inflammation.

She has been eating and drinking, but seems to be less interested in it. We took her for a short walk today and she seemed to be fine, but shes laying around more often and gets up a lot slower. The only two things I really noticed that caused her to whimper are her trying to jump or when she lays on her back to get a belly rub as soon as she tries to extend her arm out she whines and pulls back.

The vet said wait a couple days to see if she gets better as its probably a muscle pull. She said if not we will do an x ray in 2-3 days. Am I just being overly worried or is there anything I should do?

Side information- I don't know if this would have anything to do with this but I'll post it anyway.

Several weeks ago she possibly killed a rat that we found in our yard. Then she threw up that night. She did not eat any of the rat. We took her to the vet and she said everything is normal with her.

We did change her food a few weeks ago to the honest kitchen with added chicken. She loves it and hasn't had any stomach problems.

Thanks for all your help! Hopefully we can figure out whats wrong with her it seems to be a mystery diagnosis.
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