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Hi. First post here.
In August of 2019, we had to put our beautiful Sadie to rest due to a tumor on her liver. We are still devastated.
What I didn’t do before she passed is run a dna test in her. It just wasn’t something on our list of things to do. I tired to get a swab of her cheek right after we put her to sleep but that sample did not work. The sample was corrupted with the preservative.
So, all we have are hair samples.
Sadie came to us in 2009 while we were shopping at Petco in Murrieta, CA. We went in with our girls to buy turtle food and walked out with Sadie. She had golden brown mix hair but we shaved her down often which made her look more like a chocolate lab.
I have always thought she was a lab/ golden mix but I have not seen any pictures that might resemble Sadie.
Any ideas what breed Sadie was? Does anyone have a dog that looks like her? Her weight was around 60-70 pounds.
Hoping to receive some feedback.

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I think her face is very Golden Retriever. Her body looks Lab. The ears in the second picture remind me of my own dog, who is an Australian Shepherd/Collie mix (allegedly, haha). So maybe Lab/Australian Shepherd or Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd? Could be a mix of all three, too! I would just feel like perhaps there is a breed with perkier ears in there somewhere, because usually Labs and Goldens have very floppy, non-perky ears!
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