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Today, I took my 3 bearded collies outside to play. Usually the oldest (7 years) grabs a toy, and one of the other two (both 5 years) chases her while I throw a ball for the other 5 year old one. It's always the same dog that chases the other dog, and the same dog that plays with the ball. Because of the heat, we only stayed out for around 10-15 minutes, and when we got back inside all of the dogs seemed fine. A while later, I noticed one of the dogs licking her paw while laying down on the floor. I looked to see if she was bleeding, and she wasn't so I didn't think it was too bad. Later, after I got back from going shopping, she didn't greet me at the door. Usually, she is the first dog down there, and seems the happiest to see me, so I was getting worried. After a short while, less than 20 seconds, I saw her limping down from where our stairs are, and come to see me. I'm afraid her foot is very hurt; she doesn't want to put any weight on it, and when she does she can for a little bit, but then it gives out. We're taking her to the vet tomorrow to get it checked, but does anyone have any advice for what to do until then? We've already given her a pain pill and have her resting, is there anything else we can do?
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