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Dog having trouble using the restroom after moving

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Recently, I moved out of my parent's place and took my dog with me. Since we moved, I've been noticing my dog has been having trouble using the bathroom, particularly pooping. It's been about a week, and she's only pooped normally twice: once in the house (she's house trained, but she's still nervous even though I have her pad out,) and once at the vet since they did the whole clear her poop thing. Otherwise, she only has extremely small drops. Everything else is fine with her though. She's gotten use to the people here, she has the same energy levels, she still eats and drinks normally, she still pees, she just won't poop.
I'm a little worried that maybe it's the area she's uncomfortable with? There are A LOT of stray cats, and I notice they poop literally everywhere. I'm thinking maybe because of that, she's having trouble finding a spot? I took her to the vet today to make sure she was fine, and they said that she was and that it's probably stress keeping her from going.
I've been taking her on longer walks, as well as taking her out frequently in the same area to try to get her to go, but I've got nothing. I've kept her in the same area for a good 30 minutes to try to get her to go, but nothing happens. Anything anyone might suggest to help her get comfortable?
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Keep in contact with the vet, you don't want her to get constipated or worse.

Ginger can hold it a long time. When she came here she pooped twice a week. Her gut has settled down and generally she poops once every or every other day now. Poops were normal and huge. Nervous dogs I've had do the opposite, many tiny poops to lighten the load just in case they had to flee for their lives.

If she is feeling comfortable try having her play in the house with you for a few minutes then go outside for a potty walk. Games here will be interrupted by potty trips on occasion.

Do training inside, when she is having a great time sitting for cookies move the game outside and play sit for a cookie out there as well. May make her more comfortable.

What about the surface? Ginger of the massive poop can only poop on grass. Nervous Bucky poops anywhere. Maybe the lawns are too good or not good enough?
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