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Dog has major anxiety with dog gate!

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Hello All,

I came home today and my dog chewed the rails of the newly installed wooden dog gate. The thing is, she doesn't have any issues being alone if a gate is not up. We have another dog and plenty of dog/chew toys as well so I know she is not bored.
The gate has been up for 3 days or so, and we had been closing it while at home to slowly introduce her to it. We have gated them a few times within the past few days while gardening and had no issues. We have left once or twice for ten minutes, and again... nothing has happened. However today we were gone for about 45 min. and she tore it up.
We have had trouble in the past trying to gate her out of the bedroom at night. She was able to see us in bed but still had issues-- basically she broke those gates by running through them.
I can only assume she has had past trauma with gates and/or it is triggering her to remember the time she spent in the shelter while caged up.
Any advice? We really want to keep the dogs out of bed at night and also want to keep them gated to a certain area when gone.
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Probably need to try a steel gate that can't be chewed as a short term solution. Smother the top rail with bitter apple. I have heard some people tried putting Tabasco on the area being chewed but I have not had any personal experience of whether this worked.
Providing a heavy work out just before you leave will ensure the dog goes into rest mode as soon as you leave. Teaching him to retrieve a tennis ball works well.
Yea, I just pulled out the Bitter Apple and doused the gate. If that doesn't work we're going to try the steel gate option.
Yea, I just pulled out the Bitter Apple and doused the gate. If that doesn't work we're going to try the steel gate option.
It would be better to counter condition her. Ever tried bitter apple spray? I did, out of curiosity, and I wouldn't do that to someone I hated, let alone my dog. Plus, steel will be a problem if she chews anyway. Want to see a picture of Kabota's teeth? Dogs will crack and break their teeth on metal.

Go to YouTube, search "kikopup counter condition" to learn how to CC.
Thats why bitter apple can be effective. I said can be. I know some dogs actually like it and lick it off anything - rather like a mate of mine who sucks lemons. yeeeeeewww! :-(
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