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dog growling when picked up

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My westie is 1 year 4 months old. I can't say when this pattern developed. But it is has gone on for some time. When she was younger she didn't have a problem if she was picked up. Now she has has a fit of growling, at times severe, as I am picking her up or putting her down. While I am holding her she seems to accept it. At first I thought she was afraid. Now I am thinking it is a behavior issue. And I don't think it is a medical issue because when she is around strange people or surroundings she is calm when I pick her up.

I am trying to randomly pick her up now and then and tell her no if she starts growling and will not put her down if she is growling. Her hearts pounds through the whole thing.

Am I on the right track?
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I pick her up and she growls. And at times she really carries on with the growling. She seems more settled as I am holding her, but still a little on edge. I talk nice to her and act like nothing is amiss. I show her a nice treat and she is like "ok" treat, yum. But as I even start putting her down she will start growling again. And after on the ground spin in circles and more growling. She has never tried to bite or retaliate. she just seems to be in her own world when it happens.

I don't think is medical. I have her in obedience class and ask the trainer about this. She said, show me. I picked Maggie up and she had no issue at all. Just calm and nonchalant about the whole thing. Picked her up, held her, put her down. Nothing amiss. I can pick her up and put her down at the vets office. Nothing. She is perfectly fine.

Not ever picking her up just to ignore the situation is not an option, as I have concerns with groomers, etc. having to pick her up. So far that is ok but I am concerned that over time she will be less tolerant with these situations as well.

Also at times I think it may be an anxiety thing as well. She chases her tail, chases shadows. Also when I pick her up and put her down, she is like spring loaded and spins and growls after she is down. She tends to be jumpy at sudden movements. More so than normal in my experience in past dogs. She will spin and growl. I try to distract her right away from it and distract her into doing something different, such as doing a command like sit, down, etc. She is receptive to that and seems to get over the spinning and growling and acts right away at the request of doing the command.

I just don't know what to think at this point.
She's ok at the vets and groomers because it is a different environment so something seems to be happening or has happened at home. As for the spinning, tail chasing, that's just a sign of boredom. Perhaps she's not getting enough exercise?

How did you go about giving her a treat and picking her up? How many times did you try this. CP has given you good advice on this, have you tried it at all? Also, when did you get her? Maybe something happened to her before you got her.
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