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Dog freaks out when he sees a motorcycle

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Dash cam audio. Apologies. Motorcycle is to the right and dog is in the backseat.

I don't know what to do. He freaks out and is FIXATED. Nothing breaks his gaze. This happens in or out of the car. He doesn't even have to see the motorcycle. If he just hears it from across the street he gets locked in. Only difference in that instance is he isn't absolutely freaking out but he's still stopped and fixating on the sound.
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Do you know anyone who owns a motorcycle that can help you here? It sounds like the dog does't understand what a motorcycle is and, thinks it might be something or someone to play with. It's a person sitting down with thier whole body visible to the dog and, if he's like my Kaila, that means a person that the dog can ask to play.

You need a person on a motorcycle to help you. First let the dog sniff and explore the motorcycle so he understands it smells like gas and oil, same as a car does outside. Then have the owner start the bike and, again let the dog sniff and explore it, learning what it is, it's a motorized thing. Now you sit on the bike, tell the dog "no" "off" "down" when he comes to you, when he stays away from you on the bike, have the bike owner do the same. Voila, dog now knows the bike is a car and, people do not play or pet him when they sit on those funny cars.

If you don't have a friend that will help you, go to a motorcycle dealer and, explain what you want to do. They may help you since you're also teaching the dog to stay back from running motorcycles with people on them, keeping both biker and dog safe around them.
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