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Dog food?

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I know I'm asking a lot of health questions, but I've never owned a large to giant dog before. We've always used blue wilderness for all our small to medium dogs, and it wasn't too expensive because they didn't eat as much as Nala does. We had her on that for a while, that's what she was on before we got her, but we're needing to switch her to a less expensive brand. I've heard a lot of good things about Nutro, what do you think of this dog food? And do the feeding guidelines look right?
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We used Solid Gold for years, currently (last 4 years or so ) used the WOlf King formula (its Bison based) and have our new Bernese Mt dog pup on the large breed puppy formula "Wolf Cub". Really like the brand-- I have a Boxer that will be turning 13 this summer who has been on this formula/ brand for at least the last 10 years....
On the other hand my good friend swears by Wellness (she has Pit Bulls) and I do hear good things about it, and both brands are tried and true, vs a newer formula of Nutro that has not been out that long.... Just my 3 cents....
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