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Dog food reviews are all basically opinions.

I do like that they explain their methods for recommending certain foods and why they excluded other foods as well as looking beyond the ingredient list to review the manufacturer.

So it makes it easier to evaluate if one agrees with their reasoning for excluding a food or not; for example, I don't have a problem with corn in food in and of itself so summarily excluding all foods with corn in them is silly IMO. For example, lots of mushers use high calorie, high protein foods with corn to great success.

Or for example they excluded "Newman’s Own Organics: Some products made in Uruguay" but IMO Uruguay isn't a red-flag kind of country for food ingredients, its pretty much a developed country (their beef is awesome btw)

Overall though, it does give some useful information and a starting place for someone looking into the various brands that a reading of ingredients alone doesn't provide.
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