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Dog food for a 7 month old dachshund?

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We just brought home a 7 month old dachshunds. Right now he’s on Wilderness wet food and he likes it. Is wilderness for large breeds only? Should I be feeding him a dog food specific for small breeds?

Thank you
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Check the Statement of Nutritional Adequacy. It will tell you what specific needs the food is intended for. The legal requirements are for "growth", "adult maintenance", and "all life stages" if I remember correctly. If it is targeted at a certain sized dog, it will say if it's for large or small dogs.

At seven month, you can feed either an All Life Stages food or a puppy food.

Personally, I prefer feeding mainly kibble over canned food. When you feed only wet food, you need to be more diligent about tooth brushing, especially in a smaller dog, which are prone to dental issues anyway.
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