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My toy poodle Fudge has had an infectious runny eye for about 6 months now. After having had surgery three times to clear the tear ducts and also have other tests done the eye is still no better. It does clear up for a while and we think that finally she is cured but for no reason it flares up again.

After consulting 3 different vets the consensus is that Fudge is allergic to either the antibiotics or the other stuff we have been buying to cure her.

We now treat Fudges eyes with IClens a natural eye wash which seems to be helping a lot. The other treatment is a home remedy that has natural anti inflammatory properties which people in Africa swear by. It is made using natural bush tea or also known as red bush tea. Make a small quantity, about a 1/8th cup full using 1 sachet of red bush tea and boiling water.

I rinse the eye out once a day straight after her walk and play time with the tea and apply the IClens in the morning.

Hold thumbs because even though it may not yet be !00%, it is a lot better.:clap2:
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