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Dog eye & nasal discharge

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seeking advice for my 7 year old mixed retriever. She has had discharge from her left eye and her left nostril only going on 10 days now. It’s a yellow color and we have to clean out her nostril and flush her eye with dog eye rinse frequently to keep them clean. We took her to the vet 5 days ago and they said it was an ulcer in her eye and sent us home with a eye cream every 8 hours and instructions to rinse her eye every so often. We have been religious about staying on top Of this but nothing seems to be getting better. Some times she seems fine but others she can barely open her eye. We are a week out with future vet appointments right now and just wanted to see if anyone knew what this could be as it seem more than just a scratched eye. I’m certain it’s some type of infection but not sure that eye cream is enough when she also has nasal discharge just as bad as the eye. She will be going back to the vet next week but that was the soonest they could see her. Any advice or at least better answers would be appreciated greatly! Sometimes I feel like it’s a trail and error with these things as we’ve played these games before but the yellow color and risk for infection makes me feel like something needs to be done now.
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