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Dog expressing anal glands on my bed - but not on my mom's bed

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For several years, I was allowing our young dog (boxer, pit bull, shepherd mix) to sleep with me. He would usually lie at the foot of the bed. I was also allowing him on my bed at other times when I was in the room - but never alone.
I was having problems with the dog expressing his anal glands all too frequently - on the bed. I thought there was a problem with his glands, but after I stopped allowing him to get on my bed, my mom started letting him onto her bed, and he now sleeps with her on a regular basis.
In the 6 months since the dog has been sleeping with my mom, he has not expressed his anal glands even once!
So obviously, there was something that was either exciting or frightening the dog while on my bed, but I have no idea what it is that could have affected him in my room and not in the room across the hall.
My other thought was that he was displaying some sort of alpha thing, being a male (neutered) dog and my being a male.
I also noticed that sometimes the dog would vibrate his tail while lying on the bed. I understand that to be a sign of nervousness, and I believe the tail action may have been related to the glands expressing, but he did the tail thing much more often than the glands.

Any ideas?
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Have you taken him to the vet? Perhaps it was a coincidence and he had some sort of infection while you were letting him on your bed. Really, they're supposed to be naturally expressed when they poop....if he's actually expressing his glands on your bed--not just licking to clean, which is sometimes gross when they do it on your furniture, but normal-- then he may have a problem that needs to be evaluated by a vet. These can all be signs of anal gland problems:

-Excessive licking of their rectum
-Straining, vocalizing, or otherwise having difficulty or pain when defecating
-A swelling or “bump” under the skin next to their rectum
-Blood and/or pus on their stools
-Blood and/or pus on the carpet, their bed (or your bed), or on your lap after they’ve been laying there

Dominance between a dog and a human is a myth and not at all a thing, so you don't need to worry about that.

Did you thoroughly clean the bedding where the incident occurred? He could still be smelling that. Clean your mattress, too, with a product like Nature's Miracle.

In any case, I think I would discuss those problems with a vet to clear him medically. He may not be doing it now, but if it happened once it may occur again, and if you let it go too long the problem only gets worse and more expensive.
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Thanks for your reply;
The dog hasn't been to the vet in the last 6 months, but I think he was to the vet when the problem first started, and there was no infection. The vet did recommend a different food, due to his bowels being quite soft - which I think is one reason the glands fill up. We have him on the new food, so I suppose the food change could also be the reason he has not expressed on the bed recently.
He is not scooting, and there is no excessive licking. He never makes any noises while moving his bowels.
He is due for another check-up soon, so we'll see what the vet says.
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