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I’ve had my golden retriever/Great Pyrenees since she was 8 weeks. She just turned a year on May 3rd. I’m not sure if this has to do with “growing up” or “maturing” but Bella doesn’t seem to have a lot of energy as she did before. We go on walks daily, 45-60 mins. I noticed when playing outside, she isn’t as playful as she use to be (she still plays though).

I did start a new job back in March. 8-4pm. She does get excited when I come home from work. She eats her treats, eats her food (sometimes it’s there when I get back home, other times, her bowl is completely empty).

On weekends, I am home. Today, I took her out @ 5am. We walked, played, relaxed and came back home (60 mins). It’s 10:30 now and she’s sleeping in her crate. She’s been sleeping since our Walk and she hasn’t eaten her food (she did drink her water).

I’m wondering if this is what she does when I’m not home and if this is her set routine.

I’m a first time dog owner, So small changes worry me. Let me know what you think!

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I am going to guess you have already talked to your vet about these changes? Do you have someone to let her out or walk her when you are at work? It might be anxiety. Some dogs do not adapt to change very well. My first concern would be health related and if that is ruled out ask your vet for some options. Maybe shorter walks and longer play time? Change up your routine a little before going to work. It is good that you are being observant and paying close attention. Let us know how it works out!!
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