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Dog Claws

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I just bought a puppy and her claws are ruining my furniture when she jumps up, is there anything i can do to stop this?
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Trim her claws regularly, and train her to not jump up on the furniture?

You didn't mention how old the puppy is, and what training if any it's had or you have been working on. Perhaps knowing that could help the experienced folks her make better suggestions for you.
I gently place the puppy on the floor when it begins to jump up on the furniture ... say "off!" and ask the puppy to "sit". When the puppy sits ... the puppy gets a treat at first and a "Gooood dog!" and rinse and repeat. I use the word "off" for anything I do not want my dog being on. It just takes time, patience, and training. :)

Eventually I phase out the treat. But any time my dogs do something correctly ... they always get a "good dog!"

Dogs need their nails trimmed regularly. I trim my dogs nails as soon as I hear a click on the floor (my easiest way to explain) I use an emery board to round them off so they are not so sharp. :)
If it is a young puppy, then you can trim to the tips with a nail clipper. You can block the furniture with a child's gate, and you can teach the pup not to jump, as Abbylynn suggests.

There is also some type of plastic nail covers.. but I don't have any info about them...
It's important to regularly trim and/or grind a dogs nails (including dew claws if yours has them!). Without trimming/grinding nails can cause pain when the dog walks and even grow up into his/her paw pads.
Trim those nails. :)
Our dog also liked jumping on the furniture when she was a puppy. Fortunately it was leather and she did little harm. But I still don't want her up there. So we did what Abbylynn suggested. We also put our car floor mats upside down on the couch. A trainer suggested it since dogs don't like the feel of the plastic nubs on their paws and will learn to avoid the couch over time. We had to live with car floormats on our couch for about a month when we weren't on it ourselves, but that combined with the "off" training worked. Now if she gets on the couch, it's because I've asked her or because we're playing and she gets so excited she just leaps up there and grins before dashing off again. :)
You can dremel the claws. That keeps them smooth and round.
thank you everyone for your coments but i found a company called 'Soft Claws' that provide glue on claws and they are working perfectly and the best thing is they do different colours :)
Would you post that link please, for future reference?
Here's a link to Soft Claws for dogs! http://www.softclaws.com/soft_claws_dogs/home.html

Scat mats work well for discouraging pets from furniture as well as the basic training you're doing!
Let me know if anyone actually uses these and if they really work. I take steroids for life for my copd .... I look like hamburg if I get scratched from my dogs! Lol! :)
If no one answers quickly, you might do a search throughout the Forums. I had kinda suggested this, b/c I read about them a few times in previous posts, but didn't remember the specific brand name... I've never seen them or used them, myself (I prefer leather gloves :) )
yes i tried it and they work great!
yes i tried it and they work great!
Thank you! .... I may have to give them a try! :) Eddee is a paw dog! Lol!
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