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We had a beautiful Labrador for 9 years and were quite lucky that she didn't really chew / swallow things that much .... unless being a Lab it was food in which case it didn't stand a chance

We've started looking after assistance dogs at weekends and they all seem determined to chew and I guess swallow anything they can get hold of.

They all make a beeline for any flowerpots they find in the garden and we live near the beach so there have been a few children's buckets that have been had as well. They're both fairly brittle plastic and chew them to bits in a fairly short space of time and I'm concerned about the small bits they may swallow and if it would harm them?????

Whilst we've made a determined effort to hunt around and clear the garden as much as possible they still find sticks which with the best intentions isn't quite so easy to keep a garden totally clear of them at all times.

The soft dog toys ... it doesn't seem long before you hear the inevitable rip and they're pulling out and chewing the stuffing which I would have thought is a choking hazard and tennis balls including an over sized one made as a dog toy and they're ripping the outside fur off and trying to eat it along with the constant retrieval of stolen socks before they swallow them ... although again are now drying them where they can't be reached.

Bouncy balls bought from a pet shop and again it's not long before they're chewing bits of the rubber off

How concerned should I be, the small plastic bits from pots, if they swallow them would they harm them ... they seem to have sharp ish edges ... sticks I'd be concerned they got lodged in their intestines and could cause a rupture.

I've been genuinely surprised at how little time dog toys actually last, trying to find some new ones that might fare a bit better I came across the Kong Flyer Frisbee ... the extreme version is meant to be pretty dog resistant but it wasn't long until I found a youtube video where a Husky had started to make inroads to the edge.

Am I being paranoid and they'd just pass most of it through or should I remain concerned / vigilant ... really interested to hear what others think???
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